Dental Equipment

Portable x ray

Employing the most recent portable X-ray machines, we prioritize the utmost comfort for our patients. These cutting-edge devices offer both rapid radiographic speed and exceptional image quality.


Wisden Clinics possess the latest OPG machine for X-rays. This advanced technology allows for a comprehensive X-ray of all teeth in a single frame, greatly enhancing diagnostic capabilities.

Dental Equipment
A Dental Equipment

Medit intraoral scanner

The Medit intraoral scanner captures 3D images with enhanced patient comfort, enabling dentists to create precise digital impressions of a patient’s mouth using these images.

Dental Equipment

B class autoclave

We maintain the highest treatment standards by utilizing meticulously sterilized equipment. This practice eliminates any risk of infection by effectively eradicating all microorganisms. Our approach integrates state-of-the-art technology, including lasers, physio dispensers, and rotary tools, ensuring minimally invasive procedures and providing patients with an optimal experience.

Dental Equipment

Intra Oral camera for Patient education

The intra oral camera technique involves displaying the interior of a patient’s mouth, serving as an alternative to traditional mirrors. This method provides patients with a clear visual of their oral cavity, assisting dentists in discussing and exploring different treatment choices.
Dental Equipment

Centrifugal machine to prepare A-PRF & I-PRF for advanced Implant, Oral surgery & Periodontology

Employing cutting-edge innovative technology, our dental hospital in Guntur offers state-of-the-art platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) for advanced procedures in implantology, periodontics, and oral surgery.

Dental Equipment

Dedicated treatment rooms with all diagnostic equipment

Upholding the utmost privacy of our clients, we have designated individual rooms for each patient, complete with contemporary amenities.

Dental Equipment

Inhalation Sedation

Regarded as a premier sedation method, inhalational sedation effectively minimizes pain and dental anxiety. Nitrous oxide, a secure and profoundly efficient technique for patient relaxation, has played a pivotal role in aiding millions in overcoming dental treatment-related anxieties.


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